Huge redfish caught from pier in Florida.
Dennis with yet another big REDFISH. Ask him how important gear is! @singleplayersplitscreen

On this page we narrow down the search for the best Florida fishing gear in many categories. For us, having the best gear we can afford is so important.

It often means the difference between a successful outing, a successful trip, or even a successful year. It can be hard to spend more money than you though was necessary, but the return on your investment will be HAPPINESS. Really, that’s what it comes down to.

Buy what you can afford, but make it good. Choose something from this list and you have a much better chance of success and happiness while fishing our amazing waterways.

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Best All-Purpose Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel (Fish under 20 lbs.)

Best All-Around Spinning Reel (Fish under 20 lbs.)

  • Under $50 – Penn Reel 1 | Abu Garcia Reel 1 – Reel 2
  • Under $130 – Penn Reel 1 | Abu Garcia Reel 1
  • The Best All-around Reel – THIS PENN is the best spinning reel I’ve used.

Best All-Around Baitcasting Reel and Rod (Fish under 20 lbs.)

  • Under $40 –
  • Under $80 –
  • Under $130 – Abu Garcia Combo 1
  • The Best All-around Reel –

Best All-Around Baitcasting Reel (Fish under 20 lbs.)

  • Under $70 – PENN Reel 1
  • Under $170 – PENN Reel 1
  • The Best All-around Reel – PENN Reel 1

Best Heavy-Duty Spinning Reel (Fish over 20 lbs.)

Best Heavy-Duty Baitcasting Reel (Fish over 20 lbs.)

Best Braided Fishing Line

Best Hooks (Chemically sharpened and Ultra Sharp)

  • Gamakatsu – I’ve been using these hooks since they first started making them. Or rather, the first day I saw them at the Walmart!
  • Mustad – In truth, I didn’t use these for years because I was so happy with Gamakatsu. Then I couldn’t find my main hooks and tried them. Amazing and very strong hooks as well.
  • Owner – My third choice for hooks, but that means they are still very strong and quality controlled to a high degree. Love them.

Artificial Lures for Specific Florida Fish

Working on this section, will take a while to research the links for all these.


Black Drum




Gator Trout






Drag any small lure through the water. THESE work great.


Silver Spoon | Gold Spoon | DOA Shrimp


DOA Shrimp | Rapala ______ |


Big floating plugs work great. Here’s my USUAL Tarpon Lure.



Fish Finders


Long-Sleeved Shirts

Sun Hats


Polarized – Maui Jim Polarized | Oakley | Under Armour

UnPolarized – Oakley Camo | Maui Jim Barrier Reef

How to Choose Fishing Gear? See here.

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