Learn How to Catch Redfish (and eat ’em)!

Redfish catch at 26-inches is just too long to keep.
Redfish are just so pretty to look at up-close. But, I have a pet-peeve about people holding fish without having wet their hands thoroughly first. Make the effort so you don’t injure the fish in any way if you’re planning on letting it go.

Welcome to our REDFISH GUIDE! We set out to create the best Florida redfish fishing pages in the free world. It’s always a work in progress as tackle, redfish (red drum – Sciaenops ocellatus) catching techniques, lures, and rigs change all the time.

We are constantly updating these pages, and you should visit often to see new redfish information – studies – charts – gear – and of course great gallery photos.

[Redfish Image credit – Paul Opel at Flikr.com]

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