Salty101 is a labor of love, you might say. After over a decade of fishing the Tampa Bay area, I finally decided to create a number of websites about fishing for species that I’ve loved catching over the years. Tarpon fishing mostly from the Gandy Pier in St. Petersburg at night was an absolute blast, and it is definitely the most fun you can have on land fishing. The Gandy Pier is special because you’re so close to the water that when a tarpon hits your topwater plug – the water explodes as big tarpon hits it – scaring the heck out of you and whomever is on the pier watching. This was my experience countless times fishing late at night with hardly a light on in the place.

Salty101 is a site about finding and catching tarpon with your rod and reel. Tarpon are some very powerful fish, and catching them is way up there on the off-the-charts fun scale that some of us insist on.

If you haven’t had a chance to go tarpon fishing – we highly suggest it. Get yourself a couple of the essentials on our GEAR PAGE and read the particulars here on the site about where to find tarpon, and how to fish them, and then give it a go and see just how much fun fishing can be!

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Cheers and tight lines!