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Florida Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Guides, Salty101
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Is Poaching Fish a Problem in Florida?

Poaching fish is certainly a problem in Florida, and I know that because I heard about it going on directly from the sister of one of the guy’s doing it. Actually, two of her brothers and a cousin were poaching fish from waterways in Florida around Tampa Bay. Here’s the story. It was 1996 and … Read more

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Spearfishing in Florida in 2022 (How-to, Laws, Big Guide)

Huge Florida spearfishing guide to help beginners spearfish within the law and successfully.

There’s something really underwater caveman about spearing fish underwater that goes way beyond hunting on land or fishing any water. Spearfishing in Florida is legal in saltwater, but there are many fish that are prohibited from being taken by spears. This is your complete guide to spearfishing in Florida, pay attention to the details! Bookmark … Read more

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Is Snagging Fish Legal in Florida?

Is snagging fish legal in Florida? Trout? Tilapia? Mullet? Snook? Sheepshead?

Though I’ve never snagged fish in Florida because I just figured it was illegal and I thought it was morally wrong, I’ve seen other people do it on occasion and I wondered if it was legal for all fish, some fish, or no fish species. What is Snagging Fish? Snagging is a method of harvesting … Read more

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