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Snapper Fishing Gear—The Basics Best Rod Anything. Use a light rod if you have it, but you don’t need much to catch what are usually 1 lb. fish from the shore. From a pier you can get into bigger fish, and a medium-light rod is fine. A medium-heavy rod is for those trips out to […]

What Gear to Use for Catching Great Barracuda? Use strong, big tackle if you’re going to target catching this species. Strong line (60+ lb. leader), strong hooks, strong braided line – 50 lbs. or stronger.) Barracudas are usually 2-3 feet in length and weight 5 to 20 lb. Some exceptional fish can reach over 6 […]

If you’re fishing at night from a boat, pier, or shore and you don’t have considerable light around you it’s a good idea to bring a good headlamp to help you see what you’re doing. Nothing like a hook in the hand because you’re fumbling around blindly at night! These are headlamps I own and […]

One of the most common questions any of us get who have fishing websites or YT channels is, “Which is better – baitcasting or spinning reels?” Answer: Baitcasting reels are great for casting accuracy and distance and spinning reels are best when using light tackle for smaller fish. That’s the short and sweet answer. Let’s dive […]