Two redfish on line at a fishing pier.
A couple of redfish caught at a fishing pier… wow, this makes me want to get back out to a pier as soon as possible.

Redfish underwater in a large fishtank.
Redfish underwater in a large fishtank.

Big bull redfish held by fisherman.
Big bull redfish held by a fisherman on a boat.

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Redfish in sand at the beach.
Light-colored red drum on the beach. Nice size and great eating if it makes the slot limit.

Redfish on sandy bottom in grass under the water.
Redfish can often be found on sandy bottom with some grass.

Redfish stalking big artificial lure through water.
Fake shrimp stalked by big redfish.

Redfish fishing from small boat.
Redfish fishing is one of the most fun activities people can do together.

Small redfish on stringer.
Smaller red drum on stringer.

Red drum floating through the water waiting for prey.
A big red drum in shallow water. You can often see the tails of big redfish breaking the water as their heads are down in the sand rooting around for crabs and other food.

Red Drum with pink orange color on white background

Big redfish held by fisherman.