Profitable Fishing Website For Sale

We are selling! Covid hit hard and we’re in desperate need of funds.

We’d like to take offers through Not Empire Flippers, Flippa, Etc. I’ve used for 2 decades to sell websites and I am always happy I did. 🙂

Video below tells all about the site and gives info not on this page. Please watch.


A VERY GOOD Opportunity to 2x your investment in 6-8 months even without adding more content. I just added more than 80 pages (120,000 words) that haven’t been ranked yet in Google. This will bump up traffic considerably considering only 120 pages are properly indexed so far out of 200 pages. 


  • RISING REVENUE (and 80+ pages added in 120 days)
  • $684 income in the 30 days (Amaz + Ezoic)
  • RISING TRAFFIC (Discover in Search Console is sending us traffic too)
  • Google News PUBLISHER approved (25 Aug 22)
  • 295,000 Words Published (Pages average 1,478 words, Posts 1,443)
  • 202 pages all written by Owner – Author – Vern Lovic
  • Only 30% of Pages have Amazon links.
  • Ezoic ads not going full-throttle.
  • Seller can WRITE FOR YOU at 5 cents/word.
  • No link building done at all.
  • You can add many more Amazon links and there are 40+ fishing affiliate sites.
  • 100% AHREFS score

We started Salty101 in September 2019.

Over the last 6 months (Feb to July 2022) on average the site made $412 per month. Traffic and revenue have been increasing for months.

About the business

Fishing Website Built on Good Foundation, Add content and make $1,000+ per month passive income.

Niches: Outdoors | Fishing | Saltwater | Freshwater | Florida | Adventure | Sports

NOTE ABOUT PRICE – We added Ezoic ads on January 19 it took a while for them to optimize, AND we severely limited the number of ads on the site because we don’t like to fill the site with junk.

If you just want to focus on revenue, you can crank up the # of ads at Ezoic to make more $ per month.

Current income should only get better as I just wrote 80+ new articles and over 120,000 words of content since late April. Google has not yet indexed those pages. When they do, there should be a good bump in traffic. 

The traffic and earnings stay high through December and dip through March. We have pages about Salmon Fishing in the winter, and this helps to keep the steady flow of income year-round.

About the business


This is an informational site about Fishing. Saltwater Fishing. Freshwater fishing. We have focused mainly on informational articles, not reviews or Best Of lists. That means YOU CAN and add a lot more to the site. Our content fits perfectly with the latest Google Update (Aug 2022) which weeds out over-optimized content.

The niche is DEEP. We have covered a range of things but there is room for reviewing Rods, Reels, Boats, Kayaks, Trailers, Tackleboxes, Tools, Line, Hooks, Lures, Charters.

We recently found a list of about 40 different Fishing-related AFFILIATE SITES you can join. We’re actually joining some now to transition away from such a heavy reliance on Ezoic ads. I just DON’T LIKE ADS covering the site!


There is nothing to do day to day unless you are going to add more content, which would ensure being able to sell it for $30,000+ within a very short time. I would guess 6 months if you are able to write another 20-30 articles per month.


Amazon brings in about $85 per month on ave. for last 6 months.

Ezoic brought in $327 on ave. for last 6 months. 

Ezoic brought $517 over last 30 days. I just lowered the number of ads on the site because I didn’t like how many there were. You can crank it back up when you buy the site if you want.


Ezoic ad platform gives you a free CDN. You need another host. I have all of my 10+ websites on For 10 websites (or 50, however many I put on my server) I pay $70 per month.


There are 160+ people on the mailing list. I give them a copy of all Redfish related info in an easy to use (store) PDF that is like 50 pages long. I haven’t done much with this, you could easily say something about the mailing list and get 2-3 people per day to join.

I sent 1 email to the list telling them about some new posts (in maybe June 2022). The list is fresh.


Amazon – $85 per month on ave. for last 6 months

Ezoic – $327 per month on ave. for last 6 months.

Amazon – $73 for last 30 days.

Ezoic – $517 for last 30 days.


1. Increase # of ads per page on Ezoic. I pulled all ads from pages with less than 400 words. I severely limited # of ads for all other pages. I removed all ads from Desktop.

2. Use some fishing affiliate websites that pay 5% to 10%. Amazon is at 5% for next few months (they said). Add to send people to book fishing charters. There is a huge amount of money to be made in the charters business. When you get 8-10%, it adds up quick. I just found out about it now. If I end up not getting what I want for I will quickly add a bunch of affiliate sites and remove some more of the Ezoic ads.

3. Do some link building. I’ve not done anything in this area.

4. Make some videos if you are in a place you can fish. I’m in Thailand, that obviously hurts my chances of growing the site.

5. Mention the free Redfish guide on the front page somewhere to get more signups for the email list.

6. Ask me to write more articles for you at 5 cents per word. I can write up to one 1,500 word article per day. There is nothing that will increase your chances at making a great profit on a re-sale than increasing the number of pages of content on the site. We have 202 pages now. In 6 months, you could add another 100 pages easily. Your return would be quite good.


I’m a writer with many books published at Amazon. The fishing articles written on Salty101 are well put together. I have a master’s degree from the University of South Florida. I grew up in the states. All articles are in American English.

Traffic is 98% USA traffic.

Articles include stock images from Dreamstime and some graphics designed in-house. We have links to other authority sites from main guide pages. We have some technical information like species name. Our guides cover everything necessary to get up to speed on catching 30+ different fish including inshore and offshore species.

We also cover shark fishing, lobstering, scalloping, and getting baitfish to use as bait. 

There are still many subjects to cover in the niche of Florida Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, etc.

We have very little on gear. You could put kayaks, paddles, other accessories,  fishing boats, grills, knives, tools, more about hooks, line, reels, rods, hats, clothes, boat shoes, buckets, bait holders, tackleboxes, hats, polarized sunglasses, etc.

Backlink Building?

We did none. All links are organic. Still, we have a good rating in SEM RUSH and 100% rating at AHREFS.


  • We have a subscriber list of 160 right now.
  • We haven’t contacted anyone about ads for their fishing tours – this could add considerable income.
  • We haven’t optimized the number of Amazon ad links. We don’t have many.
  • Our Ezoic ads have slowed the site down but mobile pages are doing well. Desktop pages not well. If you iron this out, maybe with a better host – you should see ad revenue on Ezoic ramp up considerably.

PRICE: $16,700 That’s around 40x multiple. I am very confident the site will gain a lot of traffic once Google indexes these 80 pages of new content created since late April. 🙂

I REALLY want to sell the site to someone who will hire me to continue writing for the site. I enjoy it and I live in Thailand so 5 cents a word, though extremely affordable, is good enough for us here because the cost of living is lower than the USA and most places.

REMEMBER, please bring offers through Yes, we can chat beforehand and come to agreement on price so you don’t go through a wasted effort. Thanks for your interest!


To Contact Vern –

Salty101 email.
AHREFS score is 100%.
Last 6 months of revenue from Ezoic. On May 19 I briefly enabled more ads to crank up revenue. I’ve since dropped the # of ads starting 26 August 2022.