Here are a number of essential Florida Fishing phone numbers that you may find a need for in the near future. If you learn that any of these numbers are no longer in service, please would you let us know? Thanks!

  • To purchase fishing licenses: 888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356) and info at:
  • FWC Division of Law Enforcement: 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)
  • To report fish and wildlife law violations, call the Wildlife Alert Hotline: 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)
  • FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute: 1-727-896-8626

  • To report fish kills: 1-800-636-0511
  • To report fish tags: 1-800-367-4461 or email:
  • To report sawfish sightings: 1-941-255-7403 or email:
  • To report bird entanglement: 1- 888-404-3922 toll free or 1-727-391-6211 for the Tampa area
  • Red tide information hotline: 1-866-300-9399 toll free in Florida or 1-727-552-2488 nationwide
  • Aquatic toxins hotline: 888-232-8635
  • Shellfish harvesting questions at FDACS: 1-850-488-5471 or find their website at:
  • To report lionfish sightings: 1-877-786-7267 and info at: