Boyfriend taking photo of girlfriend feeding Tarpon fish in Florida Keys.
Who knows? If you buy the right gift this year, he might take you to Key West to hand-feed the Tarpon.

OK, to be entirely honest, we’re not sure if he’ll love you for this, but he WILL scream a little inside as he unwraps any of these Christmas gifts this year! I certainly would.

Best Fishing Gifts for Boyfriend/Husband this Year!

Let’s Start Small

Let’s say you met the guy, he’s cool, you’ve explored the interior of both cars, and all the seats. You’re almost surely going to buy something for each other this year. You don’t want to go overboard and buy him a Complete Fishing Outfit. Yet. This whole silly romance could blow away by next week, but you can give this fishing gift to any guy and he’ll be happy enough to think you’re a special girl.

Look at the Best Headlamps of 2022, or choose from one of these excellent headlamps below.

This Petzl Fishing Headlamp: Around $30 | 82 grams | 300 lumens (bright and dimmer) | Red Light for Fishing | Good in Rain | Green/white/black/blue

Fishing headlamps by Petzl. Tikka model. 300 lm.
Petzl is the world’s #1 most reliable brand of headlamps – they’re been in business since the 1970’s. These headlamps with red light for stealth fishing is needed by all fishermen.

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

Or, This Petzl Fishing Headlamp: Around $70 | 75 g. | 450 lumens (and dimmer) | Red Light for Fishing | Great in Rain | Black/Red

Petzl headlamp for fishing with red light for stealth at night.
A more advanced light with brighter light and longer-lasting battery. 2 battery options: Lithium-ion and AAA. Versatile.

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

It’s Almost Serious.

You’ve dated for a while, maybe months. You’re in that la-la mode where you don’t know which way is up or down. You are buying him little useless keychain bears and other shi* to mark your territory so other women understand, this guy is whipped, and he’s yours.

What do you get this guy? Fishing stuff, of course! We have 2 suggestions. We love them both.

Multi-pocketed Fishing Vest with water bladder for hydration.
Every angler needs a fishing vest. One with this many compartments for storage and a 2 liter water (beer?) bladder is perfect. Oh, this one adjusts to fit women too, so if you split before Christmas this sucker will be yours!

Anglatech Fishing Vest: About $70 | Full of pockets for Lures, hooks, snacks | Holds 2 liters of water | Rugged Gear

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.


He’s serious about YOU, and he’s serious about FISHING. Maybe not in that order, but don’t ask yourself that. It doesn’t matter. You’ve been dating for many months, and probably over a year.

You are going to spend some money on him, but you’re not going to go into debt for it.

Your la-la days are over and you’re on some sort of reasonable understanding that you’re buying him something solid, something that will last, something that he’d not expect, and of course, it’s something for Fishing because other than spending time with you talking about life (and rolling around on the kitchen table) he’d rather be Fishing.

Here are two gifts you cannot go wrong with.

GoPro 9 video camera for boyfriend's fishing Christmas gift.
This waterproof GoPro high-def video recorder is perfect for anglers to put under the water to video the fish!

GoPro Black: 4K Video | Waterproof to 100 meters | TouchScreen | Rock-solid Stabilization | Extra Battery | 64 GB Card

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

He’s Owned.

You’re Engaged, Married, or Definitely “On the Path.” This is where you show him just how much he means to you by getting him fishing gear that brings him to his knees.

You’re going to have to find out (subtly of course) whether he is a SALTWATER fisherman, or a FRESHWATER fisherman. You need to choose the right gift here and that distinction is important for this gift. It shouldn’t be hard.

If he’s out on a boat on the ocean, he’s Salt. If he’s going to lakes, rivers, and streams to fish, he’s Fresh.

Saltwater Fisherman’s Dream Gift

Shimano Twin Power reel for your boyfriend's saltwater fishing excursions.
Pure fishing perfection. Shimano’s high-end reels have been perfectly crafted for decades.

Shimano Twin Power Reel: Super smooth action and ideal for saltwater fish from a boat, shore, pier, or anywhere.

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

Freshwater Fisherman’s Dream Gift

Daiwa freshwater fishing reel gift for boyfriend.
Baitcasting reels are exceptional for freshwater casting where accuracy is key. If he doesn’t use one now, insist that he learn. It will take less than a day to get proficient. Many YouTube videos exist showing great techniques.

Daiwa Tournament Baitcasting Reel. Super-buttery-smooth. A reel that lasts forever.

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

He Fathered Your Children FFS!

You’ve gone the distance. He got you preggo and there are genetic spawn of his running around your home. You’re in it for the long haul.

You may be buying him a nice fishing gift just to get him the hell out of the house. Or, you may be hoping he takes you along someday, or takes one of the rugrats out to learn how to fish.

Sure, the boy’s just turned 2, but if he can hold a rod… These fishing gifts are for LIFERS.

Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak will put a smile on his whisker-covered face! Sometimes available, often not. If you want to get one of the kids out of the house to go with him, get a tandem kayak!

Fishing kayak for boyfriend. Wilderness Systems kayak.
There’s nothing like a kayak for fishing on a lake or flat ocean. If your boyfriend frequently goes fishing around the beaches and mangroves near your home, you can be sure this will be one of the best gifts ever. Problem is, finding them on Amazon. Take a look and see if there’s one available.

Go HERE to see it at Amazon.

Outdoor Essentials – Portable Grills

Small Coleman Portable Grill (6 colors) See it here.

Coleman gas grill.

Check availability at Amazon here >

  • Easily Adjustable Burners
  • Large Grilling Space: 285 square inches
  • Super-Easy Setup: Strong legs/wheels and quick-folding
  • Thermometer in Lid

Large Weber Portable Grill (black) See it here.

Check availability at Amazon here >

  • Long Double-burner (rectangle-design)
  • Huge Grilling Space: 320 square inches
  • Very Easy One-hand Setup
  • Thermometer in Lid

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