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Fishing Website for Sale | Get a Jump-Start on Your Blog

Fishing website for sale - covers Florida saltwater and freshwater fishing.

We have been forced to sell this website within the next 30-days. If you are interested, send questions and bids to us using this CONTACT page.

What Is Included in the Sale of this Fishing Website?

  • The Website and all content (120 pages).
  • Email list (just started, maybe 30 people0

Current Income

Income per month today (28 March 2022) is as follows.

Ezoic ads – About $5.49 per day. 63 days of active ads (started January 2022). $345 income this year.

Amazon affiliate ads – About $2 per day. 83 days since January 1. $167 income during this period.

$7.49 per day total. x 30 = $224 average monthly income

x 36 monthly multiple = $8,089 (Value of website)

Please keep in mind, this is the lowest income rate for the entire year and things ramp up in Summer and Fall.

Send a message if you have specific questions.

Total words written on the website are as follows (Word Count plugin)

Average articles and posts written is well over 1,000 words.

Website Traffic

You can see that beginning April traffic starts building and it holds until a drop at the end of October. Right now we’re in the slowest part of the year.

If you would like to make an offer, send through our Contact page here.