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How to Catch Salmon — Index

Learn How to Catch Salmon – all about Salmon Fishing!

  • How To Catch Salmon Guide | Facts | Why Salmon | When | Where | Diet
  • Salmon Tackle | Rigs | Rods | Reels | Line | Lures | Other Fishing Gear
  • Where to Catch Salmon in USA?
  • Salmon Fact Pages: Atlantic | Chinook | Chum | Coho | Kokanee | Pink | Sockeye
  • State Salmon Laws – Salmon bag and creel limits
  • Biggest Salmon Records – World Records – by State (see where the biggest 126 lb. King Salmon was caught!)
  • Salmon Recipes! (don’t miss Vern’s Fall on the Floor Salmon recipe)
  • Gallery – we’ll post your photos here – send ’em.

Welcome to SALTY101!

Salmon is a fish most people absolutely love on the dinner table, we have it at least once per month, and some people eat salmon as often as weekly. Not sure about you, but we love to catch salmon too.

Join us to find out about salmon tackle and catching techniques, lures, rigs, and where to find Chinook, Silver, Kings, Sockeye, Konakee, Atlantic, Chum, and Coho salmon.

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Fishing Tacklebox Essentials

Florida Fish Regulation Ruler (Belt)

Florida fish legal limits – make sure you get for the year you will be fishing.
Durable and waterproof, this essential fish ruler will keep you out of trouble on the water! Get yours HERE.

Fish Scale (Digital and up to 110 lbs.)

Fish scale to weigh your fish. Also has measuring tape.
Know how much your fish weighs immediately. Buy this handy scale HERE.

Florida Fishing Identification Booklet – 5×7″ Laminated (Waterproof)

Florida Saltwater Fish ID guide for helping you identify legal fish caught in Florida.
Some fish are difficult to identify. Make sure you know 100% which fish you have before you keep it. Florida fishing regulations are strictly enforced. Buy this little 5 inch by 7 inch booklet HERE.
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