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Buy Salty101 Fishing Website – 151 pages, Earning $525/mth

We are selling! Covid hit hard and we’re in desperate need of funds.

We started Salty101 in September 2019. It is currently making $425 per month on Ezoic and $100 on Amazon Affiliate commissions over the last 30 days.

Summer is coming and traffic and earnings will go higher.

About the business

Fishing Website Built on Good Foundation, Add content and make $700-1,000 per month passive income.

Niches: Outdoors | Fishing | Saltwater | Freshwater | Florida | Adventure

Key Highlights

  • $525 per month average the last 30 days (Amaz + Ezoic)
  • 600-1000+ new anglers visit Salty101 each day
  • Solid foundation you can build on to reach higher income
  • Professionally written content (owner wrote it)
  • 228,000 words of content published
  • 1,614 words per page average
  • 1,314 words per post average
  • No link building done at all – everything is organic. Check SEM Rush links below.
  • You can add many more Amazon links
  • 100% AHREFS score

NOTE ABOUT PRICE – We added Ezoic ads on January 19. We’ll be selling the site in JULY/AUGUST 2022.

We had limited the # of ads on the site until about May 18. Income shot up when we stopped limited ad numbers.

Current income should only get better as summer 2022 is coming. 

IN AUGUST we will price Salty101 at around a 30-35x multiple. The traffic and earnings typically stay high through December.

Salty101 About

I fished for over a decade in Florida. I came to love dropping my fishing kayak over the side of the dock on a deepwater canal connected to Tampa Bay, Florida and fishing all day and even sometimes into the night.

I wanted to share some of my experiences and knowledge about how to catch common fish that anyone can find in the saltwater and freshwater of Florida and nearby states – Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas.

I created 30+ guides to help target desirable fish and to show how to fish from the shore, kayak, piers, etc.

I’ve added Ezoic (not optimized) and Amaz. Affiliate links (also far from optimized). I know how to write. I know how to write for SEO. I don’t know much about ad placement and optimizing Ezoic or Amazon Affiliate links. 

I have no advertising on the site yet. There is a huge opportunity to register a few advertisers and immediately increase income by at least $100-200 per month. Fishing tours are picking up now as summer is coming and the space will enjoy many more searches in Google.


We make money with Ezoic and Amazon Affiliates. To keep it going, you don’t need to do anything but the biggest gains from buying Salty101 will be if you are going to add some content. We have about 135 pages of content now. More content should lead to substantial growth. Time spent per week lately – 0 hours.

If you need a fishing writer to write content for the site after you purchase it, I may be available to help. Ask me before or after the sale and we’ll see if we can work something out.

If not, the content is generic enough that any good writer could choose to make a guide on another fish and copy the formatting of the guides we have and do well with it.


We don’t yet sell ads on Salty101 for fishing tours and guides. That should be a priority for you as it shouldn’t be that hard for someone motivated to get 4-5 advertisers at $50 a month. Almost all traffic is US-based.


There is some seasonality as it’s a fishing website. Fishing in the USA happens mostly between April to October/November. In Florida where we mostly focus – fishing is all year long because the weather and water is warmer.

We added SALMON fishing too – so that takes care of the Winter months a bit, and we’ll be adding content there too to ensure more evenly spread out revenue all year. If you want to balance the income out over the year a little more evenly you can add more salmon fishing pages.


I’m a writer with many books published at Amazon. The fishing articles written on Salty101 are well put together. I have a master’s degree from the University of South Florida. I grew up in the states. All articles are in American English. 

Articles include stock images from Dreamstime and some graphics designed in-house. We have links to other authority sites from main guide pages. We have some technical information like species name. Our guides cover everything necessary to get up to speed on catching 29 different fish including inshore and offshore species.

We also cover shark fishing, lobstering, scalloping, and getting baitfish to use as bait. 

There are still many subjects to cover in the niche of Florida Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, etc.

We have very little on gear. You could put kayaks, paddles, other accessories,  fishing boats, grills, knives, tools, more about hooks, line, reels, rods, hats, clothes, boat shoes, buckets, bait holders, tackleboxes, hats, polarized sunglasses, etc.

Backlink Building?

We did none. All links are organic. Still, we have a good rating in SEM RUSH

Additional Income and Efforts?

  • We have a 100% score on
  • We have a subscriber list of 130 right now.
  • We haven’t contacted anyone about ads for their fishing tours – this could add considerable income.
  • We haven’t optimized the number of Amazon ad links. We don’t have many.
  • Our Ezoic ads have slowed the site down but mobile pages are doing well. Desktop pages not well. If you iron this out, maybe with a better host – you should see ad revenue on Ezoic ramp up considerably.

To Contact Vern – see our contact page here.