Use this Florida fishing calendar as a general guide for your fishing expeditions for the fish mentioned. Of course there is some seasonal variability which will make some months better or worse than they are listed here. Also, the terms Best, Good, and OK are entirely subjective.

Don’t put too much faith in the fishing charts you see like this, just use them as one bit of data as you’re planning your trip. Also consult tide charts which are far more important to Florida saltwater fishing because they are highly correlated with the fishing ‘bite.’

Best fishing months calendar for Florida anglers. Covers 23 different species of fish from inshore to deep sea fishing.
Best fishing months in Florida for 23 different fish species.

What Is the Best Month to Fish in Florida?

For the area South of Miami, March is the best month for fishing for top game fish and April is the second best month. March has 15 ‘best’ annotations in the chart and April has 14.

Which one is best probably depends more on the time of day you go (tide charts are super important) and the luck you have. Oh, and of course your fishing skills!

Note – This is not a guide regarding the open or closed status of fishing for Florida species above. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information download the official Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations PDF (click) (July 2020).

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